How Does it Work?

Where does my True Pasture Beef come from?

All the grass fed beef sold is beef that was raised by the Graham family. The cattle were born on their California ranch. It is the ONLY way to ensure the animal’s history and that the animal has always been treated humanely, not been given grain or hormones and fed on a strictly grass diet.  True Pasture Beef is a part of Peace Love Beef, LLC. Peace Love Beef was started to label the beef raised on the Graham family ranch. All cattle that are raised by True Pasture Beef are raised by the Graham's and their Standing Bar G Productions brand, they are not cattle brokers, they are breeders.

How do I get beef?

It's simple. You order it and we ship it to you via fedex.  We ship every Wednesday and you get your beef on Thursday or Friday.

What if I don't know what to order or how much we eat?

Give Kristi a call at (760)954-0353. She is happy to help meal plan and help you figure out how much to order.

How is my grass fed beef delivered?

Your customized grass fed beef order is delivered frozen in individual shrink wrap packages in an insulated box.

 Do you have rewards or referral programs?

When you recommend True Pasture Beef service to your friends and family, they save $10 off their first box, and you save with a $10 credit to your account. Your friend must give your first and last name when signing up. Please note that this referral offer cannot be combined with another discount or promotion.