Meat Our Herd

Genetics are very important when raising cattle

Many people do not know, but cattle come in a variety of breeds, just like dogs or horses. Angus is the favorite breed here at True Pasture Beef, and Herefords are not far behind. Angus cattle is considered a beef breed, and are known for three very important qualities. First, excellent marbling. Second, calving ease, and third, milk production.


Marbling is something most beef eaters are familiar with: it means fat. Fat that is interwoven throughout the meat as opposed to just on the edge. A well-marbled steak from a grass fed animal shows that the breeder is using proper genetics and has waited the proper amount of time. Grass fed beef is leaner than grain fed, and will have less marbling, although there should be some marbling on cuts, especially the ones near the loin.

Calving Ease

Calving ease is the ease with which the mother delivers her calf. This is especially important for a Free Range Pasture Based ranch because the mother is out on the ranch delivering her calf without the assistance of humans. If a calf is too big he may get stuck, and if no one is there to help, both mother and calf will suffer. There is a lot involved in selecting cows and bulls so that they are easy calvers. Kristi has been studying genetics since she was 12 years old, and her father has been studying genetics way beyond that. The True Pasture Beef herd is beautiful and made up of good strong mama cows, and they some of the heifers from our calf crop every year to add to the herd.

Our Cattle

The Angus temperament, color, and the fact that they are polled are a few more reasons this breed is fantastic . A calm animal is less stressed by human interaction and less stress means better meat. Having a black hide, such as the Angus have is a great thing, the dark pigment helps with insect issues, and is less susceptible to pink eye and cancer. All of these things equal less need for treatment. Angus is also a breed that is polled, meaning they won't grow horns. This is important because since they are polled no dehorning is required. Dehorning is a stressful event that Pure Black Angus cattle do not have to be put through.

Besides Angus, we also have a few Herefords and Hereford Angus crosses in our herd. The cows that are not Angus have been selected because they are exceptional examples of their breed and good mothers. They only use Angus bulls. Other breeds make up less than 4% of the True Pasture Beef herd; the rest are Angus. If you want to know more about the Angus breed or the other breeds mentioned, feel free to contact Kristi via the store or at 760-954-0353.